My Advice on Baby Sleep

While I’m sharing parental advice, there’s another topic that I simply can’t ignore – baby sleeping (or not) through the night. Of course for the first few months you simply have to dive in and and be prepared to be miserable. But starting at around 3 months old, your baby can sleep all the way through the night, every night. There’s a system you have to follow, outlined in this simple book, and I can say from direct experience (twice) that it works.

This was such a wonderful experience for my wife and I – having our baby sleep for 10+ hours – which of course meant that we finally got to sleep.  I just assumed that this book was standard reading material for every new parent and parent-to-be, along the lines of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. But it turns out that it’s not! We’ve of course mentioned the book to every other new parent that we know and not a single one had heard of it. I have no idea why this book is not more widely known, but it’s not. So if you want to have your baby sleep through the night, just buy the book and follow it.